Dispromèdia collaborates with the solidarity proposal of the Associació Alba
It’s December 1st and the Dispromèdia team has already started the first window of the Solidarity Advent Calendar, an original and fun proposal created by Escola Alba de Tàrrega Association.

This is the second year that this organization has made its own Advent calendar illustrated by the boys and girls of the school, and sweetened with the famous chocolate wrinkles from the workshop of El Rosal. This year they have opted for a different edition that incorporates a small challenge behind each window, a game of "search and find" to enthuse the whole family.

In addition, among all the calendars sold, there are 10 gold wrinkled ones, and all those who manage to find them will have a prize! Once again,

Dispromèdia has once again collaborated with the Alba School initiative by buying a calendar for each of the workers.

If you liked the proposal and want your calendar, you can buy it at the following link:

Let the countdown begin towards Christmas!
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