Create and Manage your Online Store or Corporate Website

Choose the Web structure that you like or adapt the most, personalize it and complete it with your content, you will have your Website or Online Store finished and Online in just a few hours.

Personalize your Web with Photos, Videos, Slides, Banners, Forms, Carousels ... Once created, insert them wherever you need them with Widgets with animations or without.

Web analytics with integrated Google Analytics. Landing Pages, Tracking Pixels. API Connectors to synchronize your eCommerce with your ERP.  


Control and manage the schedule of your working day with Blockchain

DisproTime is the web platform for controlling and managing the working hours of its workers, ideal for companies, freelancers and any type of business.

Today's companies and businesses face the problem of different types of working hours, flexible hours and the mobility of their workers.

With disproTime, the management and control of schedules of your templates or teams, will be an agile and flexible process for both the company and its workers.  


Create and read your information through a personalized QR

QR View was born with the intention of interconnecting any physical element through a QR code to the extension of the information of this element.

Through a QR code, made with forging, ceramics or on a sticker, the user can connect to the network to expand the information from a web minisite from where you can access videos, texts , galleries and any element that can be viewed on a website, specially adapted for mobile devices.