Email as legal evidence

Certified mail allows you to have legally valid probative value from when it is sent to when it is received, from the place where it is sent and where it is received.

Email certification is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to provide your emails with all legal certainty since it uses the same delivery method as an email. Simply by filling in the CC (Copy) field you will add legal value to your email.

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Certified mail is a worldwide patented method of protection and legalization.

                            Europe                               USA                        Taiwan                          Israel                           Japan                         New Zealand

Why certified?

Certified mail is used on the following occasions:

> Debt claim
> Expansion of conditions
> Notification of registration in delinquency files
> Direct debit acceptance (SEPA)
> Delivery and collection notices
> Submission of analysis results
> Notification of schedules to workforce
> Protection of intellectual property rights

What advantages does it have?

Not only does it consist of a simple email, but it offers a series of advantages:

> Courts recognize certified mail with legal value.
> Speed in the shipping procedure.
> Send it wherever and whenever you want.
> Ease of use without applications or software.
> It is an cheap method for reliable communications.
> No need to use paper to reduce environmental impact.