The web positioning, beautiful and famous sum of words, but do not be fooled; Do you know what web positioning really is? Do you know how to do it? Do you know all the points to take into account for a good positioning? Do you distinguish between SEO and SEM?

Do not be fooled, without constant work and without good planning of the project, from the beginning good results are not achieved, flee from those who assure you the first positions without a good analysis of your website and constant work, not for much pay you will get good results, remember everything depends and starts with a complete audit of your web project, a good study of the competition, a web project carried out by professionals and constant work.


A web project carried out by professionals?

Correct, all SEO or SEM work, in 98% of cases, requires having a team of web professionals behind it, since many of the improvements and actions that should be carried out in our web project, can only be carried out by personnel with knowledge of web programming and graphic design.

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What is SEO Positioning in Websites or Online Stores?

Seo Positioning encompasses different processes, techniques and tasks, applied to each Web project, with the aim of gaining visibility in the search results in the main search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, ...).

With these constant optimization work on our website o tonline shop, we will obtain more or less visibility.

The objective of SEO positioning, as a general rule, is to gain more visits (generate traffic on the web), with it more users and consequently more clients.

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