Stay protected and be productive with email

Makes business email secure, accessible, and resilient even during a service outage

A powerful Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Email Filtering System, an email security solution to block transmitted email attacks while providing the additional features needed to ensure your business continuity.

AntiSpam Email Filter disproMail offers complete protection from all known viruses, New Age virus outbreaks (zero hour detection), worms and Trojans by using a multi-layered antivirus system combined with a traditional antivirus engine. All anti-virus layers are frequently updated by external dynamic databases which enables spam blocking speeds of over 99%.

Take control of your AntiSpam mail filter, with this powerful solution for filtering and detecting Spam and Viruses, you will be able to manage your own black and white lists.

Each email account protected with our Antispam and AntiVirus filter receives one or more summary emails of all its activity daily, managing your filtering system directly in a few clicks is already a reality.
Filtro AntiSpam


Filtro AntiSpam


Filtro AntiSpam


Main features and functions
> Email protection
> Strengthened protection against spam
> Archiving of all emails
> Compatible with any email service
> Secure access and easy setup
> Assistance during interruptions
> Office 365 and Exchange Server support

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SpamTitan de TitanHQ
TitanHQ's SpamTitan is a cloud-based, affordable and very easy to configure Anti-Spam solution for email filtering. Prevents spam and phishing attacks. Blocks spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and other email threats, granular policy controls and a comprehensive set of reports. Identifying more than 100,000 new malware sites every day through our threat intelligence database of 650 million users. With over 20 years of web and email security experience, TitanHQ is trusted by more than 12,000 enterprises and 2,750 MSPs.
M365 (Office 365) and Exchange Server support

Increase security and optimise uptime of M365 (Office 365) and Microsoft Exchange with disproMail SpamTitan by TitanHQ™ filter.

Today's businesses use M365 (Office 365) as both a cloud-based service and an on-premises server, making both of them prime targets for cybercriminals. Our cybersecurity service, disproMail filter SpamTitan by TitanHQ™, provides protection and continuity in the event of problems or outages of the server itself.

SpamTitan's email filtering solutions prevent phishing by scanning all incoming emails in real time.

Extensive and detailed quarantine reports that allow end users to monitor their account.

Powerful next-generation sandbox security solution that protects against advanced email attacks.
Hardened protection for M365 (Office 365) and Microsoft Exchange

> Deep Defence
> Protection against zero-day attacks
> Advanced phishing protection
> Double antivirus protection
> Security against infected attachments
> Stronger spam protection
> Scalability and security
> Full storage
> Easy integration
> Spam quarantine reporting
> Sandboxing
> Whitelisting, blacklisting, greylisting and dedicated RBLs.
> Email content filtering
> Enhanced Continuity
> Capacity management
> Improved server performance
> Improved bandwidth
> Advanced Cloud dashboard
> Predictable costs
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