Throughout history, man has needed to transmit and process information continuously. Smoke signals and mirrored flashes are still in the memory, and more recently messages transmitted through cables using Morse code, or the voice itself through the telephone. Humanity has not stopped creating methods to process information. For this purpose, computing was born, as a science in charge of the study and development of these machines and methods, and also with the idea of helping man in those routine and repetitive jobs, generally calculation or management.

Then the Internet was born as a technology that would put culture, science and information within the reach of millions of people around the world, various criminals found a way to contaminate it and what is worse with impunity.

The development of information technology offers a negative aspect: It has opened the door to antisocial and criminal behavior.

At Dispromedia we have the best service to combat them.

Headquartered in Bochum (Germany), G DATA Software AG is an innovative multinational company with extensive experience in developing IT security solutions. It specializes in online protection and has been a pioneer in the development of antimalware programs. It was founded in 1985 (it is the oldest security company in the world) and shortly thereafter, it presented the first commercial antivirus in the history of computer security to the public.



Virus scanners work thanks to so-called 'signatures', which, as samples, record the characteristics of each new malware and allow the scanner to classify the files on a PC as malicious.

Our Antivirus service will provide you with an insurmountable shield for your PC with the best functions:

> Antivirus scanner
> Email check
> Guarantee online purchases
> Protection for tampered USB
> Behavior monitoring
> Anti-exploit protection
> Anti-ransomware protection
> Update management

Internet Security

The antivirus scanner analyzes all files from the Internet, preventing the download of documents, images or other dangerous elements, even when we talk about background downloads that go unnoticed by the Internet user.

Our Internet Protection service will give you all the security to surf the Internet with the best functions:

> Firewall
> Antivirus scanner
> Guarantee online purchases
> Anti-exploit protection
> Cloud backup
> Anti-spam protection
> Anti-ransomware protection
> Child protection

Total Protection

A powerful antivirus scanner and many extras protect you against any form of cyberattack, online blackmail and all kinds of malware, without damaging your computer, without interrupting your work or losing your peace of mind.

Our Total Protection service will make your computer a fortress with the best functions:

> Anti-ransomware protection
> Backup copies
> Protection in online purchases
> Search filter
> Password manager
> Data encryption
> Device control
> Performance Optimizer



Endpoint Security

It is at the core of our layered security concept and protects the heart of any business network - the clients, where employees work daily with sensitive data, access credentials, and email attachments. Endpoint Security includes all the necessary technologies to protect these clients against all types of cyber threats and to seal the security breaches. This includes proactive malware protection, a powerful client firewall, and efficient patch management that prevent vulnerabilities in installed programs from becoming the gateway for cybercriminals.
Features Antivirus Business Client Security Business Endpoint Protection Business Managed Endpoint Security
G DATA CloseGap Hybrid Technology Virus Watcher
Analysis of application and file behavior
Protection against security breaches in installed programs
Protection of banking and online purchases
Secure browsing. Protection against malware and phishing
Protection against tampered USB devices
Firewall X
Patch Management O O O O
 = Included X = Not included = Optional