Safe data. Safeguarded. Recoverable.

Backup and recovery software to keep businesses running.

At Dispromedia we have a Backup and Backup Service to guarantee the integrity of our clients' data and files.


Protect everything by backing up everything from individual files to entire systems in no time, and re-establish business continuity within minutes of any disaster. In short, this is an incredibly fast line of defense for any layered security strategy.
Since 1999 SolarWinds MSP has secured networks around the world. SolarWinds MSP started out with a focus on web-based network monitoring. With current threats in constant evolution, it is no longer enough to just protect the webs. SolarWinds MSP is committed to empowering organizations of all sizes with the tools and capabilities to detect and attack cybersecurity threats, improving their critical information infrastructure, and network resilience.

What does our service offer?

Our Backup service is designed to protect servers, workstations and all kinds of critical business documents.
> Server backup
> Workstation backup
> Backup of documents
> Faster backups and restores
> Full Image Recovery
> Virtual disaster recovery
> Security-centric storage
> Archiving and version control
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