Hosting or web hosting is one of the most critical parts of a web page or web project. It is the space or site where your web page / project will be available and accessible to all users of the network.

We work with the best providers at the national and European level, because each web project we carry out has the most suitable accommodation for the client's needs, without ever neglecting security, reliability and the minimum response time in any incident that we may encounter. .

The domain, our public name on the internet, is one of the strong points to take into account in the realization of any web project, it will influence our positioning and will also partly decide our success in the project.

Dispromedia will advise and support you to register the domain you need. You do not worry about anything and concentrate on your work and your business; Dispromedia will take care of the registrations and renewals of your domain.

In Dispromedia your domain will be safe, do not hesitate, since 2004 working in the Internet world.

Important information about domain transfers: