Since our inception as a company, we have focused on young people and internships have become an essential part, especially in the search for "local" talent.

Dispromèdia has become a great collaborator with most of the public centers in the area and private academies, as we believe in the education of students through internships, when it comes to the web and digital world.

With the help of our program and the experience we have, during the internship period, we offer students the expectation of the working world, developing professional competencies, exploring the job field in which they wish to specialize, and seeing how tasks and activities are carried out in a real working environment.

Interning at Dispromèdia is an enriching experience for students, as it gives them the opportunity to acquire practice experience, develop skills and competencies, explore different fields, and establish professional contacts.

Nearly 50% of our team previously entered our training program during the internship period, and we hope that many more will join us in the near future.



Jana Zurita. Puigverd d’Agramunt
April 2024

Today marks the end of my three-month internship at Dispromedia. I want to express my deep gratitude for the opportunity they have given me and for the warm welcome I have received from the entire team. Being in such a collaborative and dynamic environment, with a team that is very friendly and fun, along with a constant flow of work, has strengthened my commitment and allowed me to continue learning consistently.
Although I didn't work directly in the field of photography, I have gained significant knowledge in graphic design that I know will be very useful in my future professional endeavors. This experience has been essential for my personal development and for expanding my skills, and for that, I am very grateful.

Andreea Blaj. Mollerussa
Desembre 2023

I want to thank the great team that welcomed me to do my marketing and advertising internship in their company; more than a great team, they are a great family that is always there to guide you and help you improve as a person.
In addition to the great experience I take away from completing the internship, I take from them the professionalism and dedication they put into every job or task they do. It is an honor to be part of this family, and everyone who passes through there will always come out ahead.

Jordi Sánchez. Tàrrega
July 2023

Once my internship experience at Dispromèdia was over, I can say that every day I spent there, I improved more and more within the web development sector.
When I started at the company, I thought web programming would be more challenging, but thanks to the Ebasnet manager, it makes it easier with its user-friendly interface. I must also mention that besides working, being in Dispromèdia's team environment is fantastic.
It has been a great learning experience and a good way to start my career in the job market.

Enric Casanovas. Tàrrega
July 2023

Today, I'm ending my stay at the company Dispromèdia. Although it has only been 70 hours, I have been able to learn how to create websites and online stores using the intuitive platform Ebasnet. Honestly, I had never considered how a webpage was made, but now I have been able to see it and learn. During these three weeks, I have witnessed how Dispromèdia carries out a very interesting and essential role in today's society.
This has been my first experience in a company, and it has been very pleasant, making me feel like part of the team from day one.
Thank you very much for the opportunity!

Toni López. Tàrrega
July 2023

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to do the internship with you. It's been an incredible two and a half months, full of learning and collaboration. I am deeply grateful for the support and teaching received during this time, especially in creating web pages using your EBASNET platform, which is surprisingly simple and intuitive. I want to highlight the excellent human team with whom I have had the pleasure of working. You are great colleagues and I felt welcome from day one. Thanks to you, every day has been fun and rewarding. This experience has ignited me with a renewed passion to continue developing as a programmer. I am excited to continue learning and growing in this field.

Marc Martín Guerra. Cervera
June 2023

Today, I am finishing my internship at Dispromèdia company. I started at the end of January, working on a project for a storage application. These internships have marked the beginning of my work experience, which I consider to be very positive both in terms of the knowledge I have gained and the good working atmosphere among colleagues.
Apart from this, I have discovered other ways of working with software programs different from the ones we usually use in school. In summary, working in this company has allowed me to learn and grow in the industry.

Denis March Costa. Tàrrega
August 2022

My experience at Dispromèdia ends, happy to have been part of such an amazing team. Before starting these internships I thought the world of software was monotonous, but thanks to my time at Dispromèdia I was able to see the freedom there is in it and that I love what we popularly know as “computer science”. I have seen how necessary the work Dispromèdia does in our digitized society in the 21st century and all the responsibility and work that entails. I've done a multitude of different tasks that I've enjoyed, from making a web store with Ebasnet, a platform that I found very well thought out, to translating Ebanset into French.
Leaving work aside, Dispromédia is like a small family in which humor reigns and a work environment that makes entering the office infuse you with happiness, and I think that's the most important thing. The group dynamics they have in this small office on Carrer Alonso Martínez would be more than desirable in any other company. Because those who work here are productive, helpful and integrative, and this defines them not only as good workers, but also as human beings and I think that is very valuable.

Marc Prats Torra. Tàrrega
July 2022

Today is the end of my three-week stay in the company since I started my internship at Dispromedia and, unfortunately, today my stay in this great company comes to an end. This has been my first work experience in a company and it has been very pleasant and has passed quickly thanks to my colleagues and the whole team of Dispromèdia.
I am very happy because I have learned things like creating web pages, editing images with Photoshop and programming languages such as HTML. I can only say thank you for the opportunity and thank you for everything!

Guillem López Llaó. Tàrrega
June 2022

It is my last day with the Dispromedia family, I only have good words for those who have been my colleagues these months. I feel very grateful to them, as they have treated me exceptionally well.
My training has been focused on graphic design and I highly recommend all those students in the field to train here. Special mention to my tutor Yago who has taught me a lot and has given me very good advice for my future as a designer.
Many thanks to all the team that has accompanied me!

Younes Addi. Tàrrega
June 2022

Today is my last day of internship in Dispromedia, a company with a very good working environment and with very professional and nice people, the treatment has been excellent and I have learned more than I thought at first I was going to learn with its own graphical environment to create web pages, very easy to use and modify the page.

Unai Baeza. Tàrrega
May 2022

I came with the goals of learning as much as possible and being useful. I appreciate the patience you have always had with me and the recognition of my effort day by day. From the first day I have felt like one more member of the Dispromèdia family. Having finished my training and having developed new work techniques, I think that the most important thing I have learned is how the work environment of any company should be. I am very happy for everything I have learned and have been useful to my colleagues. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Arnau Armengol. Tàrrega
February 2020

Hi, here I write my assessment in relation to the practices carried out during these days. My stay at Dispromedia has been very positive and enriching. So I am happy and satisfied with the lived experience. It has helped me refresh knowledge I had already gained previously and learn from others, as well as environments I was unfamiliar with. The treatment with the staff has been very good, I have felt comfortable with them and they have welcomed me very well. They have also been able to explain / teach what they did not know. Still I think maybe I should have established more contact with co-workers and taken the opportunity to get to know them a little more. As for the future job, I would be interested in being able to choose to work with this company if possible part-time. It would be great news and opportunity for me.

Marcos Ortiz. Tàrrega
December 2019

Today is my last day in the company, it has been a long journey that I have learned a lot, now I know the factors when designing a poster or a website, they have also taught me some tricks that I did not know about photoshop. It has been lucky to be able to do the internship here because it is a good place to learn, to improve a little every day, with very friendly good classmates and there is also good music.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do my internship here.

Patrick Klein. Liepzig (Germany)
November 2019

Last week was the last day I was lucky enough to be able to work at Dispromèdia. As a foreigner I was really worried that I would not be able to fit in, but these doubts were already destroyed after the first interactions with team members. The team of Dispromèdia does not only offer professional IT systems able to run circles around the competition but also a working environment in which you can develop software as well as yourself. I very much liked that I was able to toy with the Api of Ebasnet using Python to test what it can do and in which ways I would be able to fill an online shop with different kinds of data. I probably learned more about languages, different cultures and coding in my two month stay than the entire two years before and for that experience I am very thankful and would never miss a chance to work with Dispromèdia again.

Anna Simon. Ivorra
July 2019

I am currently finishing the second year of Commerce and Distribution at the University of Barcelona. To start having experience in the world of work I decided to start an internship in a company, and Dispromedia seemed like a good option. Today, after a two-month stay, I am finishing this internship period, which has helped me to acquire new knowledge. But also to put into practice some of the things I learned during the course. During this stay I was also able to get to know the operation of a company and the work environment from the inside, which in this case is excellent.

Aran Medina. Tàrrega
July 2019

Today ends my stay at the company, which takes place in the summer from 1st year of high school to 2nd year as an option. At first I wasn't convinced, but I finally decided to do it, and I really don't regret it, because I've never worked and thanks to Dyspromedia I've entered the world of work. That way, I could see how a business works; working hours, the work behind, in this case, the creation / updating of a website, etc.
I’ve been very comfortable with the whole team and most of all, I’ve learned to do what I was interested in learning. When it comes to work, Dispromèdia is an example of camaraderie and perseverance, I am very grateful that I had to stay in the company in collaboration with such a team.

Yassin Chafai. Tàrrega
July 2019

During these two weeks at Dispromedia I have learned a lot, from creating web pages and updating websites to editing images and logos. The first day when he showed me ebasnet I said: "This is crazy, but little by little you" catch the trick "and in the end you end up dominating the manager"; right now i can create a web page. A company where, when working, there is a different environment from other companies, which is important. What they teach you the most is that with calm and without being subjected to any pressure things get much better.

Joan Franquesa. Tàrrega
July 2019

After doing the 70 hours of internships at Dyspromedia, I’m glad I finished them. Although I have learned to program by far, they have taught me tricks and how the platform works to create web pages and Ebasnet online stores. Right now, I would look forward to creating a web page on my own.
Overall, the two weeks have been very enjoyable and with the company of Dyspromedia workers and their surreal conversations they have become fun.

Jan Aiguadé Casòliva. Tàrrega
July 2019

Today I ended what has been my first stay in a company. I found it very curious, as I did not know how a company worked very well, and in this case through Dyspromedia I was able to adapt to this environment other than an institute. From day one I felt welcome with everyone and I think I adapted pretty quickly to their work system.
They have made it easier for me to learn about computer science, which I am grateful for, as it is an area that I am quite curious about.

Jonatan González Martínez. Cervera
May 2019

My experience doing internships at Dyspromedia has been very good, I have felt part of the team, they have helped me whenever I needed it and when working I have been given total freedom.
I learned a lot about working as a web designer.

Edgar Camats Rojas. Cervera
May 2019

Today we have completed one of the best internships from December 2018 to May 2019 at Dispromèdia, a very professional company where the work environment around you is full of positivism, camaraderie and professionalism.
I take great learning, great personal appreciation and some very good co-workers.
Thank you so much for everything, Dyspromedia.

Jaro Pacheco. Tàrrega.
may 2019

First of all, I would like to thank the whole team that makes up Dispromedia, where I learned how to make web pages with the Ebasnet system and live an experience in a work environment. Many thanks also to the Dept. of Design to allow me to do the internship, for his teachings and tips in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Roger Prat. Agramunt.
march 2019

Today I finish 350h internships and after being in Dispromedia this time, the truth is that it is a place where they make you feel comfortable, where you learn a lot of web design things with managers and in general all the information related to web pages . In fact, I enjoyed being with the whole Dispromeda team.
Thank you so much to the whole team!

Oriol Pont. Tàrrega.
January 2019

Today I end my internship at Dyspromedia. I’ve learned a lot about the Ebasnet system and web programming, something that opens many doors for you today, but the best part is that I’ve made new friends, as I’ve been treated like one more of the family.
I am very grateful for the vote of confidence and for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Dyspromedia team for a while. Now it's time to improve and keep working!

Gerard Sánchez. Tàrrega.
july 2018

I’ve been to Dispromedia doing my 70-year high school 1st business stay. I have to say, I've been assigned a place that I really liked. I’ve been assigned quite appropriate assignments even though in the end it’s work and it’s not the most fun thing to do but it will help me when it comes to my high school academic average.
In these hours I have been here, I have been treated very well and there has been a very good roll with the workers, they have made my stay more enjoyable.
Beware of both screens.

Marc Rovira. Tàrrega.
july 2018

I’ve been at Dyspromedia for 70 hours and I just disliked the schedule that hit me from 16 to 20, yet I’m very pleased to have done my internship here. The experience gained will serve me well in the future, as also, thanks to Dyspromedia, I have definitely decided to study the computer engineering career.
I am also very happy with the staff they work with, not only for the work they gave me (which I think was ideal), but also for the treatment they received.

Oualid. Sant Guim de Freixenet.
may 2018

After 4 months I finish my internship at Dyspromedia, where I learned a lot about web design, especially about its manager Ebasnet, which can not be compared with any other manager, it is very understandable, you do not need to have knowledge about creating web pages, its use is very simple.
Many thanks to the Dyspromedia team

Eric Poveda. Cervera.
may 2018

Today I finish my internship at Dyspromedia. I did an internship elsewhere and I can say that this is where I’ve been best, because from day one they make you feel one more and the workspace is nice and right. I thought it would take me a long time to do an internship in another town, but it didn't! I loved its manager and the best part is it's growing!
Thanks Dyspromedia!

Adam Parra. Tàrrega.
april 2018

Today, after 6 months, my internship ends. I thank you for being able to do them in a company like Dyspromedia. I'm so glad I was able to contribute my little grain of sand to the company. It's been a very pleasant 6 months, where I've been treated like one from day one.
Many thanks to the entire Dispromedia team!

Arnau Solsona. Tàrrega.
april 2018

Today marks the end of my time at Dyspromedia and I can say that it has been the best work experience I have had to date. This stage, which lasted 4 months, ended up being very short thanks to the great work environment. They teach you everything you need to know and help you with everything you can’t do. I would never change my place of internship, as I consider the treatment received to be unbeatable. Dispromedia is a great company with great professionals, 100% recommended.
For all this I want to give thanks; to give me the opportunity to enter the world of work with them. Thanks for everything, see you soon!

Gerard Aldabó. Tàrrega.
February 2018

I am very happy to have done my internship at Dyspromedia, where I learned a lot about editing photos, creating logos, web layout and video editing doing the Graphic Design part and I just felt very comfortable every day which are a very close-knit team that treats you to 10. I just wanted to thank the whole team.
Thank you Dyspromedia!

Felip Bernaus Pascuet Tàrrega.
july 2017

Today I can say that I have entered the world of work thanks to the company Dispromèdia, which has opened the doors for me to do internships in their company, of which I am very satisfied and very grateful thanks to the great professionals who work in it. .
Thank you for all the good treatment you have had with me, for knowing that you are a great professional worker, keep it up.
Thanks for everything.

Quim Mayoral Prats. Tàrrega.
july 2017

My first internship ends today, and even though I haven’t been made short, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Here, I’ve learned that while you’re not completely familiar with the environment where you work, you can get along with the will to learn and good co-workers to help you whenever you need it.
Here I have been able to improve my skills in using photoshop, learn a little programming in the php language (which will be very useful to me in the not too distant future) and a lot more.
That’s why I want to thank the Dyspromedia team for everything they’ve done for me. Thanks!

Silvino Medina Cardona. Tàrrega.
july 2017

I have already completed two weeks since I started doing an internship at Dyspromedia and unfortunately today ends my stage in this amazing company. It has been my first experience in the world of work and it has really been a very pleasant experience thanks to the great treatment I have received and the professionalism of all the workers in the company.
I have learned a lot about web pages, photoshop and video editing, but above all I have learned that it is possible to go to work with a good smile on your face as the attitude of each and every employee of this company is exemplary. .

Pau Taló. Sant Guim de Freixenet.
june 2017

From the first day I entered I already felt at home, I was treated as if I were one of the family. I learned how to really work in a company, its methodology when carrying out projects and also to apply the concepts learned in class in each part of the projects.
Personally, doing internships here has taught me to see and enter the world of work, and there is no better way to get into it than working where you have done internships. I can only say thank you so much for the opportunity and confidence to the entire Dyspromedia team.

Steven Merino. Cervera.
june 2017

I am very happy to have done the training internships at Dyspromedia. I learned a lot about web pages, about teamwork and about how your manager works, which I personally liked and was very impressed with, it is intuitive, fast and with a lot of variety of customization. Every day I discovered new features.
The work atmosphere has been unbeatable, from the day I arrived they made me feel one more and always with the humor ahead. This made coming to practice not heavy. They give their trust whenever you need it, they help you and they listen to you. They give you freedom in creating web pages.
In short, they are very good at their job. The experience has been great.

Devora Ivanova. Guissona.
may 2017

My experience at Dyspromedia has been very efficient. I have learned a lot from the first day I walked in the door. They have all been very kind and attentive. I definitely give them a 10, they deserve it !!

Joel Santamaria Cailà. Cervera.
may 2017

It has been a very good experience. They make you feel like one more of the team, the treatment is great and there is a nice work environment.
I have learned a lot throughout the process in different areas, which will help me in the future. I think I was lucky enough to do the internship here, the experience gained will help me to enter the world of work.
Thank you, Dyspromedia!

Joel Gassó Nuño. Tàrrega.
march 2017

The training in the company has been unbeatable in all aspects. From day one you feel like one more, this is to be appreciated and more so when you start in a new place. They help you in every way possible and most importantly you learn a lot.
Also to say that they have given me the opportunity to become part of the team. The final rating is excellent.

Laia Verdés Pérez. Sant Ramon.
december 2016

200 hours at Dyspromedia has been a great learning experience. I have learned how to work in a company and it has helped me find out if my profession is the one I like and ultimately if it is the one I want to spend hours working on. The atmosphere has been excellent. Listening, respecting, helping, resolving as a team ... are important values ​​within the company.
I have a great experience, thank you Dyspromedia!

Joan Mari Sala. Les Borges Blanques.
october 2016

It has been an enriching experience. I’ve really learned how to work in a company that is dedicated to creating and managing websites from a centralized system.
The work environment in these practices has been unbeatable; always attentive and sparing no effort in explaining the doubts that might arise as the practices progressed.

Jordi Miret. Les Borges Blanques.
october 2016

It has been an enriching experience, where I have been able to practice and learn in a real situation the editing, assembly and maintenance of web pages in a company with a promising future, a leader in its sector.
The treatment has been exceptional and unbeatable, they have been very attentive in everything I could need, where their great professionalism in the field of web pages has been reaffirmed.

Sami Marhaoui. Tàrrega.
november 2015

My opinion on them, is that it has been entertaining. The classmates have been very good people with me, especially because they don’t lose their humor and also because they have had patience with me. I think it’s a good place to do internships, as you learn quite a bit in all areas, whether it’s mainly in web design, or in creating logos, programming and other things that can only be learned from experience.
In short, very good colleagues, and good place to practice, places like this are few.

Laura Ricis. Bellpuig.
november 2015

First of all my opinion about the internships at this place has been good, generally all the workers have behaved very well with me, helping me with the work and others. Then, talking about the work, I think it was good, I learned a lot in that time, the content of the work was extensive, I played Photoshop, Illustrator, Ebasnet and others. The work I have done I think is suitable for the training cycle I am taking. With the theme of rest, well, since I’ve had ample freedom to do so. Lastly, the only problem is that I had to use my laptop to work, because there aren't enough of them. It is understood that there is no room for more computers either. The experience has been very good and enriching.

Miquel Àngel Martínez Quesada. Tàrrega.
july 2015

As an offline marketing professional and recently adapted to new technologies for me it was a pleasure to have done my internship with the great Dyspromedia team. Often life gives us fantastic opportunities and Dyspromedia and their whole team for me is definitely one of them.
I currently enjoy my work as an EBASNET partner with the pleasure of developing my profession both offline and online thanks to the best web and e-commerce tool I have ever known, EBASNET by DISPROMÈDIA.

Ingrid Escorcia López. Tàrrega.
july 2015

I was in the summer of 2015 learning the Ebasnet system. I came from the course of creating and designing web pages and the truth is that it was not difficult to adapt to the exclusive system of Dyspromedia. The people who are part of the team are excellent teammates of whom I would like to be a part.
The experience of working with Ebasnet has been very satisfying for its ease of use.
Thank you to the whole team for your time and dedication.