All companies carry out certain processes or tasks that can be optimized or their management can be improved through the design and programming of custom software.

Depending on the type of device, accessories, connections and screens to be used and, mainly, according to the final objective of the software, we will find different areas of programming in which we work at Dispromedia. Specialized in Web and Mobile Application Programming, we also continue to develop different applications and custom projects.


Dispromedia has its own content manager or CMS (content management system), called Ebasnet, designed for quick learning and easy use by our clients. With this manager you can manage your content (self-managed) on your website or ecommerce according to your requirements or needs. 

In addition, Ebasnet has an optional module for restricted access by means of a username and password (intranet) that allows access to specific contents of a website or online store and / or the management of certain elements of it. For example, in an online store, registered customers are allowed to consult their order history or invoices, among other functionalities. Or, we can allow registered users access to documents such as fees or technical documentation that remain hidden from other users.



Standard software programs are not always suitable for managing these specific tasks. For this reason, at Dispromèdia, we implement custom software applications to manage this type of tasks and processes.

We carry out a preliminary analysis and study to obtain the requirements of the program to be created according to the tasks or processes to be followed. Once we have the requirements, a scheme of the possible solution is designed and the database of the new application is structured. From this scheme, and also according to the database, we implement or program the application. Then, once the application is programmed, testing begins until a stable version is achieved and, finally, the application is launched.


The world of mobile devices is growing every day and more and more users are using their different applications and services. For this reason, Dispromedia enters programming for smartphones with the implementation of hybrid apps for these types of devices. Either with Google's Android operating system or with Apple's iOs.

A hybrid app is a non-native application that feeds on its corresponding website or online store. However, the app does not have to have exactly the same content as your website or e-commerce source.

You can hire your App today if you use our CMS or content manager Ebasnet.


In 2018 we were given the opportunity to work on a great children's game for mobiles, on both Apple and Android platforms. We have a multidisciplinary team together with external companies specialized in video games.
Currently, we have two free children's games from two leading children's youtubers in the national territory: Sorpresas Divertidas and MikelTube. Both channels have almost 12 million followers.