40th anniversary of Aritmos
On April 9, 2024, we had the pleasure of attending a memorable event organized by the company Aritmos at the Llotja de Lleida to celebrate its 40th anniversary.
Aritmos is an international company from Lleida, a reference in the technological world, offering software and IT solutions, mainly in the implementation of enterprise management software (ERP and CRM). Although they have specialized in the Agro sector, they have a diverse client portfolio.

Strategic collaboration with Dispromèdia and Ebasnet

The collaboration between Aritmos and Dispromèdia/Ebasnet began over 7 years ago when the first synchronization of an Ebasnet ecommerce with the ERP implemented by Aritmos in the same company took place.

Since then, we have continued to work together on the synchronization of other ecommerce projects. We are very proud of this strategic alliance, as working with a leading technological company that maintains a close relationship with its collaborators is a real pleasure.

Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to the entire Aritmos team for inviting us to this event, where we were received with warmth and respect, as always. Unlike other technological associates or agencies with whom we have crossed paths at some point in our journey, Aritmos has repeatedly trusted us, betting on a small company from the area and setting aside the usual provincialism.

History of Aritmos

At the event, firstly, we had the opportunity to learn, in brief, both the history of Aritmos and the experiences of some of its clients, known everywhere. Subsequently, among other speakers and members of the Aritmos team, the mayor of Lleida, Fèlix Larrosa, and also the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lleida, Jaume Saltó, spoke, highlighting the importance of the technological fabric of Lleida and the lands of Ponent. They also commented that companies in these sectors must be aware of our potential, believe in ourselves, and join synergies that allow us to be competitive at any level.

Web Content Management System (WCMS) of Urgell, Lleida, Catalonia
For this reason, we call on possible partners, agencies, and clients to become aware that in the capital of Urgell, we have a unique web platform that offers a competitive alternative to international open-source WCMS such as WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal, etc., or also regarding payment services such as Shopify or Wix among others.

Therefore, it is essential to value what we have here, next to home, a practically unique software or platform, since within a radius of about 50 kilometers around Tàrrega, there is no similar solution. Not even in the city of Lleida...

Inspiring conference by Àlex Roca: "You Set Your Own Limits"

In the second part of the event, we had the privilege of listening to the inspiring experience of Àlex Roca, official ambassador of the Barça Foundation, recounted by his partner Mari Carme Maza, who moved us with their story of overcoming and love. A true life lesson...
His conference, summarized by the slogan "you set your own limits", highlights the importance of teamwork, self-confidence, and personal empowerment to get the most out of our life experience.

Business growth and recognition of collaborators: Ebasnet and Coselva
Having said all this, we also want to extend our gratitude to Aritmos to all our clients, partners, collaborators, and public or private entities who, during these almost 20 years, have trusted, continue to trust, and use our Ebasnet platform or make use of other of our services. Thanks to you, the dream of Dispromèdia continues to be a reality and, even, it can keep growing and evolving. Finally, it should be noted that in the header photo, you will see us, with the background banner of Aritmos' 40th anniversary event, together with Miquel Àngel Viles, commercial director of Aritmos (on the far right of the image), Lluís Pallejà (on the left), and Àlex Salvat (in the center) of administration and finance of the company Coselva.

The ecommerce of Coselva, is implemented with the Ebasnet platform in a joint project led by Aritmos. We would like to thank and highlight Coselva as another example of what we were commenting on, a powerful and large company that trusts us and bets on the technological sector of the territory.


Thank you very much to everyone and see you next time!



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